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Bibliotheken in der NS-Zeit

Bibliotheken in der NS-Zeit

Bibliotheken in der NS-Zeit: Provenienzforschung und Bibliotheksgeschichte

Stefan Alker / Christina Köstner / Markus Stumpf (Hg.)
Göttingen: V&R unipress 2008

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The fate of cultural property seized during the Nazi era has increasingly been the subject of provenance research since the 1990s. This volume brings together the latest findings of provenance research in libraries and provides contributions to the history of libraries during the Nazi era.Provenance research is reported on in the media almost only when it concerns valuable art objects. In the case of books, it is relatively difficult: in most cases, it concerns mass-produced goods without great material value, and the books often arrived at their locations after odysseys that are difficult to trace. Nevertheless, more and more libraries are coming to terms with their Nazi past.