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Institut für die Geschichte der deutschen Juden, Hamburg

Jan 21, 2020


Image Credit: Institut für die Geschichte der deutschen Juden

Due to the systematic extermination of the Jewish cultural heritage during the Nazi era, there
has been a lack of Judaistic and Jewish historical literature in the existing libraries in the Federal
Republic of Germany. The establishment of a specialized library was therefore an important
concern for the 1966 founded Institute for the History of the German Jews (IGdJ) from its early
days. Through book acquisitions at antiquarian bookshops in Germany and abroad or donations
from private sponsors and partner institutions, an old stock of more than 8,000 books has been
built up over the last five decades.
A three-year research project has revealed that the old stock of the library of the Institute for
the History of the German Jews includes NS-Raubgut (Nazi loot). Owner entries such as
bookplates, autographs and dedications refer to the former owners of the books. These includes
private individuals who were persecuted by the Nazis and forced to leave the books in Germany
or give them away when they emigrated or were deported. In addition, stamps from numerous
Jewish communities and institutions could be found: their libraries were confiscated in the
context of the Reichspogromnacht in November 1938.

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